Mt Dew begins voting again for three new flavors


Dewmocracy logo

Back in 2008, Mountain Dew held a promotion called Dewmocracy.  People would visit the Dewmocracy website, play games, choose different flavors to be mixed into Mt Dew, and the hordes would then vote on the best sounding Mt Dew mix.  After the top three flavor combinations were tallied, logo and packaging designs were developed.  Then, all three sodas were revealed to the public in April 2008.  People bought the three sodas, tasted them, then went back to the Dewmocracy website to vote on their favorite.

The three flavors everyone was voting on were Mt Dew Supernova (Strawberry-Melon), Mt Dew Revolution (Wild Berry) and Mt Dew Voltage (Raspberry-Citrus).


Then, the winner of the contest was revealed in August 2008 to be Mt Dew Voltage. Not my favorite of the three, but it wasn’t my least favorite.

Mt Dew Voltage wins

Next, in August 2009, Pepsi quietly unveiled a new diet Dew flavor called Ultra Violet. Unlike the the above Dewmocracy flavors, this one was going to be diet only.

Mt Dew Ultra Violet

Pepsi never said if Ultra Violet was going to be a permanent flavor, or just a late Summer/early Winter promotion.  As of today, I haven’t really seen Ultra Violet in stores, but that’s just in my area.

So, now we come to February 2010 and Pepsi is starting up the whole Dewmocracy voting promotion again with three new Mt Dew flavors.  They are Mt Dew Typhoon, Mt Dew White Out and Mt Dew Distortion.  Here are the bottle designs.

New Mt Dew bottles

Mt Dew Typhoon is infused with fruit punch which, to me, sounds pretty awesome. Mt Dew Distortion is a lime blasted Mt Dew. Lime flavored Mt Dew is an interesting choice because Taco Bell sells an exclusive Mt Dew flavor called Mt Dew Baja Blast which is Tropical Lime infused. I’ll be interested to see how different the two flavors are (if, in fact, they are different). It should also be noted how similar Mt Dew Distortion looks like the normal Mt Dew.  Might cause some confusion there.  Anyway, last but not least, Mt Dew White Out is a smooth citrus flavored Dew, which, honestly, doesn’t sound any different than the regular Mt Dew flavor.  For my money, the fruit punch infused Typhoon seems like the clear winner here.

The flavors themselves won’t hit stores until April, which is right on two years after the original three Dewmocracy flavors, which means the winner should be crowned around August.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am eagerly looking forward to trying these new flavors.

UPDATE! – Read reviews of the three new Mt Dew flavors here

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27 Responses to “Mt Dew begins voting again for three new flavors”

  1. Good write-up on Dew. I love Dew, but tend to find I don’t really enjoy the other flavors quite as much as the original. Code Red is pretty good, but Baja Blast is just terrible.

    That said, I’m looking forward to the new Dew flavor competition. Without having tried any, I’m with you and hope the tropical punch flavor wins.

    My biggest regret is never having tried the strawberry flavor from the first Dewmocracy. I love strawberry soda and a Dew version had to have been great.

  2. Hey, CT. Thanks for the kudos.

    I love the idea of all of these new flavors, but the only Dews I consistently drink are Diet Mt Dew and Diet Mt Dew Code Red. I do enjoy Mt Dew Livewire every once in a while. Unlike you, though, I enjoy Mt Dew Baja Blast, just not all the time. I also don’t particularly like Ultra Violet or Voltage.

    The Dew Supernova was actually pretty good. I thought it was going to be my least favorite but it surprised me.

    If I had anymore of the Supernovas, I’d give you one, but I ran out a few months ago. I had bought a bunch when they went on sale (2/$2) in Summer 2008 before Voltage was announced the winner.

  3. Ooh neat! I can’t really drink much Mtn Dew anymore but I’ve got to try these.

  4. Nice thoughts on the new Dews. I am a leading member in Dew Labs, so not only have I tried the three flavors but have been there developing the flavor descriptor, name, packaging, and now advertising every step of the way. You can read about the Dew Labs process on the blog

    Anyways, I think the least palatable flavor is distortion. It struck me as a green popsicle with a bad aftertaste. Typhoon was good – for the first few sips. But then I found myself getting sick of it’s overly strong flavor, which made feel like I was drinking a bug-juice. White Out on the other hand was infinitely drinkable. The flavor descriptor is smooth citrus dew, which is true, but the flavor really is very different then regular dew. It has hints of coconut and a definite element of flavor that can only be described as smooth.

    I really think that after people try the three White Out will emerge as the favorite.

  5. You know after like what, 11 different Dews, they’ve yet to put one in a Yellow bottle. What’s with that?

    I’m looking forward to the Lime variation as Lime by itself, especially sugared, is one of the most underused flavors in soda. Sure, there’s lemon-lime (or li-mon if we listen to older soda ad campaigns) but the only Lime drinks I know of are Limca (international) and Jarrito’s Lime.

    • Yellow Dew. Hmmm, you are right, Shawn. Interesting.

      Yeah, the lime flavoring, I agree, is criminally underused. I loved Diet Pepsi Lime and I actually enjoy Mt Dew Baja Blast (Tropical Lime) at Taco Bell. Jarrito’s Lime is fantastic.

  6. I think it’s folly to attempt to bring dewmocracy to the volatile Soft Drink region. Let us hope no suicide bombings mar these highly anticipated elections.

  7. drewmp05 Says:

    I tried White Out today after seeing it at the store and not being aware of the new Dewmocracy. It has sort of a funky taste at first, but after drinking half of it I can’t pick out any discernable flavor. It’s not too bad, but not very good either. I would recommend trying it to form your own opinions, but I definitely won’t vote for it unless the other two flavors are just absolutely horrible. So far the only other Dew flavor I actually like, aside from the original which is awesome, is Livewire. I liked Revolution a little better than Voltage, but didn’t really care that much for any of the three flavors in that contest.

  8. i thought the dew this the lime flavor kicked ass its got my vote…

  9. michael gabriel Says:

    mountain dew typhoon is the best i got a secret.

  10. try making battery acid and sonic dew named after sonic the hedgehog helps make you run fast and tails dew that can make you fly across the room anyway. ya three more flavors,quick

  11. GO RED MOUNTAIN DEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HYPER !

  12. you all dont know any thing white out is the best so drink it it is white like me white out is the only white mtdew

  13. 3m0_UnD3F!N3D Says:

    i reely liked white out b/c it had a smooth not to strong flavor. i hope it wins

  14. 3m0_UnD3F!N3D Says:

    oh and another thing i REALY like CODE RED it kicks anol passage LOL

  15. Please choose the typhoon please. I don’t want the white out to get the most votes. There drink was not good. I do not want to lose my favorite drink. PLEASE vote for it. I am counting on you.

  16. Daniella Says:

    I think Mountain Dew Typhoon and Mountain Dew White Out would be the best flavors!

  17. whit out rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I really loved the typhoon, I didn’t like the white out because it tasted like sprite to me. I never got to try the lime one, but i’m really said that the white out one because I thought that the typhoon was MUCH better and very different from other pops out there.

  19. I could not vote before…
    And I wanted to vote for the typhoon like three thosand or million,
    or billion times

  20. travis pipoly Says:

    im drinkin white out rite now n its the same as classic.dustortion toooooo much lime.typhoon wins 3 thumbs up

  21. go whote out!!!!!

  22. make a watermellon mountin dew

  23. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!! Please bring back Mt. Dew PITCH BLACK. Nectar of the gods.

  24. hi i tried the mountain dew code red..sorry didn’t like it at all..i love just good old regular mountain dew……

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