AWESOME-tober-fest 2009: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

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Yesterday, I watched the first three Boris Karloff Frankenstein movies, the last one being Son of Frankenstein in 1939.  Today, I’m going to jump ahead almost 10 years to talk about my next movie, 1948’s Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein.

Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein

This movie was a horror comedy (Horr-edy?!) staring the comedy team of Abbott & Costello. It is notable because it features three of the Universal monsters, two of which are played by their original actor. Lon Chaney reprises his role of The Wolf Man and Bela Lugosi returns as Dracula (this is the only time Lugosi played Dracula apart from the original 1931 classic). Karloff, however, had stopped playing “The Monster” after Son of Frankenstein in 1939, so Glenn Strange played the titular monster in this movie (as he had for The Ghost of Frankenstein a few years earlier). Karloff would actually appear with Abbott and Costello in another movie, Abbot and Costello Meet The Killer, Boris Karloff, one year later. This movie is considered the “swan song” of the original Universal Monsters as the popularity of the Universal Horror movies had waned towards the end of the ’40s. As a matter of fact, Bud Abbott did not even want to do the movie, but Universal offered him so much money he couldn’t turn it down.  Also, Universal was set to cast another actor as Dracula because it believed that Bela Lugosi had died!  However, Lugosi’s agent had informed Universal otherwise (his movie career was almost non-existent at this point) and convinced the executives that they owe Lugosi the role he originated.  As for the Wolf Man, it is the only character to be portrayed by the same actor (Lon Chaney) throughout the original Universal monster movies (including this one).  Despite the pedigree, this movie was a cash grab for Universal.  And it kinda shows.

Abbott and Costello 2

I can see why Abbott didn’t want to do the movie. It’s dumb. Apart from the novelty of having the original Universal Monsters all together, this movie is silly and hard to watch (even boring at times). Having Dracula try to reanimate The Monster and being opposed by Abbot, Costello and Larry Talbot (The Wolf Man) is a good idea on paper, but the execution is lacking. I’ve watched this movie twice and I barely made it through each time.  The idea is definitely better than the result.  Abbott and Costello are funny, but I prefer the Universal Monsters in a horror setting where they are taken seriously, not in this comedy setting where they seem more ludicrous and out of place than scary.

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5 Responses to “AWESOME-tober-fest 2009: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)”

  1. Paxton, I think this is one of those films that you had to have grown up watching. My dad showed this to me when I was 4 or 5 and from then on I loved it. It is often ludicrous, but it was a different time back then, and it’s just another chance to see these classic monsters. You’ve gotta admit that Abbott & Costello were funny as hell in some of those scenes!

    • Yes, I admit A & C were funny. I think I had a problem because I felt the tone of the movie was an ill fit for the Universal Monsters. I just prefer those characters in a horror movie. I have no doubt that if I had watched this movie in high school or even earlier, that I would have enjoyed it more. I think it also felt to me that Universal was treating their monster characters with a bit of irreverence.

      After watching a bunch of the original Universal Monster movies these past two months, this movie looks cheap, has a poor script and just feels like a cash grab by Universal. But I continue to watch the movie every few years hoping to like it. I love the idea, I’m not in love with the execution.

  2. Yeah, I cant imagine Abbott and Costello being in there with Frankie 🙂
    But what your previous poster says makes sense, in its time, a movie like this was probably enjoyed alot more.

    • And, in fact, it was very popular in 1948. It led to Abbott & Costello Meet Boris Karloff, Abbott & Costello Meet The Mummy and Abbott & Costello Meet The Invisible Man. So Universal rode that gravy train into the ground, and then kept going a few more feet.

  3. I’ve watched this movie only quite recently and I thought it was great. It’s funny, unique, and a lot of fun and if you browse around, it seems to get a fair amount of love from most folks.

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