Recent Fast Food ads that are hilariously AWESOME

Dude, I love fast food. I especially love fast food advertising. Fast food joints are right up there with beer/alcohol ads as being the most entertaining advertising in print or television. Here are some ads from the past few months that I have been LOVING.

Hardee’s French Dip Thickburger with French Maids – This has been a print campaign mostly for the Hardee’s French Dip Thickburger.  It’s a third pound burger topped with roast beef and swiss with a cup of au jus for dipping.  Sounds pretty awesome. I love that Hardees has the French maids as the mascots.  That is clever and hilarious.  See an intro video featuring the French maids here.

Hardee’s Biscuit Holes – I love the name of this product.  Biscuit Holes. That is funny. However, Hardee’s currently has a campaign to rename them and the above video is the awesomely funny commercial that goes with it. I love seeing people trying to come up with something better than Biscuit Holes and everything they say is almost worse. See another biscuit holes commercial here (it’s just as funny).

BK Super 7 Incher
Burger King Super 7 incher – Unbelievably unsubtle advertisement for BK’s Super 7 Incher sandwich.   No commercial for this, yet.  But I doubt it would be able to air on anything other than Showtime.  The look on that chicks face is classic.  (picture via So Good Blog)

Taco Bell – All About the Roosevelts – Promoting their 79, 89 and 99 cent menu, Taco Bell created a classic music video in the vein of Lonely Island (the guys that make the SNL Digital Shorts).

Denny’s – Nannerpuss – Why do my wife and I love this commercial? I have no idea. It’s completely ridiculous. You can even see the strings attached to the banana peels. So awful yet so awesome at the same time. “They call me…Nannerpuss, Nannerpuss. I love pancakes.” Me too, Nannerpuss. Me too.

Jack in the Box – Jack vs The King – Jack in the Box has great commercials. I love Jack, the mascot, with the giant clown head. I just find him hilarious (probably part of my thing about people dressed up as giant animal mascots). For some reason in Jacksonville, we see Jack in the Box commercials all the time, however there is no Jack in the Box anywhere in the city. WTF is up with that? I would love to have a Jack in the Box here in town. Instead, I have to just enjoy the commercials. In this particular commercial Jack lays the smack down on Burger King.

Jack in the Box – Mini-Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich – I first saw this commercial while running on the treadmill, so I didn’t hear it, I only saw it. The dance they were doing intrigued me. So I found the commercial online and I love the song, too. This is just a fun commercial. Great song. And the end of the commercial has the new Jack in the Box logo.


4 Responses to “Recent Fast Food ads that are hilariously AWESOME”

  1. Never seen Nannerpuss before but you’ve given me something to laugh about for the rest of the evening.

    • Glad you enjoyed those commercials. I think my wife and I like Nannerpus because it came on every 5 minutes. Suddenly we just started singing it to each other. So weird.

  2. Oh God, I miss Hardee’s. SO. MUCH.

    Gotta admit, it’s nice to find someone with a similar appreciation of fast food culture.

    That said, I’ve got one for you. It’s a Canadian Taco Bell commercial:

    I still crack up at this one. My wife is amused, too, because you don’t typically find rappers like that up here.

  3. Buiscuit holes?! Haha I love it! Makes me think of the old simpsons episode (or was it seinfeld?) where homer made big bucks selling doughnut holes 😛

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