3 Wolf and Moon shirt is officially greatest shirt in the Universe

Here’s some Friday fun for everyone. A new phenomenon has taken over the internet. The 3 Wolf/Moon shirt.

3 Wolf and Moon Shirt

This seemingly trailer park attire has become incredibly popular the last few months causing the shirt to become the #1 best selling apparel item on Amazon.com.  That’s right, this shirt is the #1 selling clothing item on Amazon.  WTF, you ask?  The popularity is based on the customer reviews.  People have started writing ironic and snarky comments expounding the virtues of wearing one of these shirts. People talk about how the shirt will increase your success with the opposite sex, fill the empty void in your soul, raise the dead, transport you to another dimension to meet the Wolf God and many, many other incredible feats.

Here are some of my favorite reviews (Click the images to see them full size):

3 Wolf review 1
3 Wolf review 2
3 Wolf review 3
3 Wolf review 4

That last one is probably my favorite. I still laugh whenever I read it. And that’s just some of the craziness. There are over 980 customer reviews for this shirt! It’s addicting going through and reading some of the funny stuff people put out there. I even got in on the act and created a review myself.
3 Wolf review 5


6 Responses to “3 Wolf and Moon shirt is officially greatest shirt in the Universe”

  1. I love this phenomenon! The story is that a student left the first comment, and a legend was born. He is almost as awesome as Pax himself! Or is he actually Pax?!

  2. Your former freakin' neighbor Says:

    If Jenny hadn’t made me sign an iron-clad moratorium on buying anymore t-shirts, Iwould have one this day!

    • Mike, the 3 Wolf/Moon shirt is above all human contracts. It transcends moratoriums. You are safe purchasing it. You don’t wear the 3 Wolf Moon shirt, you experience it. Like fighting ninjas with a chainsaw or having sex with a 4×4.

      • Your former freakin' neighbor Says:

        I feel it calling to me, whether it is the call of the wild (times 3) or the pull of the tides. It will be mine….. oh yes, it will.

  3. Cover Photo

    3 Wolf and Moon shirt is officially greatest shirt in the Universe | Cavalcade of Awesome

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