Seasonings Greetings

No, that title is not a typo. I got a random little entry today as I’m feeling a bit sassy and I thought I would take you along for the ride. Someone brought in donuts to work today and I had two, so I may be just in the midst of my sugar high, but let’s see where I can steer this entry.

I’ve been thinking about my favorite food seasonings recently. Don’t ask me why, it just happens. I don’t question it, I just acknowledge and move on. Anyway, my family has always loved pouring extra seasonings onto food for flavoring. It doesn’t matter if the food actually needs more flavoring, they do it anyway. You could have Emeril or Wolfgang Puck make the tastiest porkchops or top sirloin steaks and place them right in front of my dad. Without missing a beat, my dad will dumptruck on half a shaker of salt and six cups of seasoning salt. It’s something that has been conditioned into me like Pavlov’s dogs;

1. Place food in front of me
2. Apply copious amounts of seasoning salt
3. Taste food
4. Add more seasoning salt

In light of my familial brainwashing, there are two seasoning salts that get it done for me and I have used them since I was a kid. The first was introduced to me by my mother and its called Nature’s Seasons by the Morton Salt company. This is used on lots of things but the best is to sprinkle this over cottage cheese as a side dish. I always thought it had a weird name though. Nature’s Seasons. What’s that supposed to mean? This seasoning salt consists of seasonings you can find in nature? Whatever. If one could find this bottle’s kaleidescope of tastes in nature, I wouldn’t need it in the first place. Maybe the title means that Mother Nature herself uses it on her own food? How awesome is that?

Seasoning number two is Lawry’s Seasoning Salt. This one is the far more versatile salt of the two. I use it much more frequently. Like Nature’s Seasons, it’s also good on cottage cheese, but Lawry’s can also be used on beef, veggies, chicken, pork, pizza, mac&cheese, squash, kittens, midgets, those rubber bouncy balls you can buy for a quarter, breakfast cereals, the French and, last but not least, deviled eggs. Lawry’s didn’t try to get too cute with their name like Morton. Lawry’s Seasoning Salt. That’s pretty much all you need. This stuff is so good that you could sprinkle a little bit on the table in front of me and I’d spend the next hour trying to lick every last speck off the tabletop. Yes, it’s that good. Try it on popcorn, too. I didn’t realize that this seasoning comes from an actual restaurant in Chicago. Click the Lawry’s bottle to the right to go to the restaurant’s website.

Anywhose, hope everyone has a good weekend. Enjoy the time off.


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