2006-2007 Television Schedule

Hard to believe, but Friday is officially September. It’s usually about this time that television whores like myself start thinking about premiers for the new fall season. The meager (but still good) summer schedule is coming to an end; Psych ended last Friday, Dead Zone ended on Sunday and Closer ends on Monday. The end of the summer season harks the arrival/return of all of our favorite fall shows.

Don’t worry, faithful reader, I have culled the Internet looking for all the season premiers that are of interest to you and will let you know when your favorite show returns. The list is below and is sorted by start date. I’m not putting everything because I don’t care about half the crap that’s out there, but I’ll put the more popular choices. If you want to see the full list go here. Quick note, for me, the season starts tomorrow. Bones is scheduled to reappear Wednesday night. I can’t wait. Also, the MTV reality show Two-A-Days started last Wednesday. It features my high school alma mater and follows their football team around. I’m trying to watch that too.

Without further ado, here’s the season premiers for some of the most popular fall tv shows. I’ve highlighted the ones I’ll be watching (I may still tune in to a show I’ve not highlighted, but I won’t be watching it regularly).

Bones (Fox) Aug. 30
House (Fox) Sept. 4

Nip/Tuck (FX) Sept. 4
‘Til Death (Fox) Sept. 7
Family Guy (Fox) Sept. 10
Simpsons (Fox) Sept. 10
Dancing With The Stars (ABC) Sept. 12
Survivor (CBS) Sept. 14
Amazing Race (CBS) Sept. 17
CSI: Miami (CBS) Sept. 18
Deal or No Deal (NBC) Sept. 18
Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (NBC) Sept. 18
Two and a Half Men (CBS) Sept. 18
Wife Swap (ABC) Sept. 18
Boston Legal (ABC) Sept. 19
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC) Sept. 19
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC) Sept. 19
NCIS (CBS) Sept. 19
America’s Next Top Model (CW) Sept. 20
Biggest Loser (NBC) Sept. 20
CSI: New York (CBS) Sept. 20
Kidnapped (NBC) Sept. 20
CSI (CBS) Sept. 21
ER (NBC) Sept. 21
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) Sept. 21
My Name is Earl (NBC) Sept. 21
Office (NBC) Sept. 21
Shark (CBS) Sept. 21

Six Degrees (ABC) Sept. 21
Ghost Whisperer (CBS) Sept. 22
Law & Order (NBC) Sept. 22
Cold Case (CBS) Sept. 24
Desperate Housewives (ABC) Sept. 24
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC) Sept. 24
Without A Trace Sept. 24
Heroes (NBC) Sept. 25
Gilmore Girls (CW) Sept. 26
Smallville (CW) Sept. 28
Bachelor (ABC) Oct. 2
Friday Night Lights (NBC) Oct. 3
Veronica Mars (CW) Oct. 3
Lost (ABC) Oct. 4
Nine (ABC) Oct. 4
South Park (CC) Oct. 4
Battlestar Galactica (SciFi) Oct. 6
Trading Spouses (Fox) Oct. 6
Bridezillas (WE) Oct. 8
What About Brian (ABC) Oct. 9
I Pity The Fool! (TVLand) Oct. 11
30 Rock (NBC) Oct. 11
Las Vegas (NBC) Oct. 20
The OC (Fox) Nov. 2
Supernanny (ABC) Dec. 4
Rome (HBO) Jan. 7
24 (Fox) Jan. 7
American Idol (Fox) Jan. 16
Psych (USA) Jan. ??

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4 Responses to “2006-2007 Television Schedule”

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