Movie Review: North by Northwest

The wife and I have been on a classic movie kick lately. We love old Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart movies. As we watch them, I’ll put up short reviews of them in case you might want to check them out. The last one we just watched was North By Northwest.

I had watched this movie many years ago before I had a full appreciation for Cary Grant. The wife hadn’t seen it so I agreed to rent it and watch it again. Much, MUCH better than I remember. I thought, originally, that it drug in the middle and I was completely uninterested by the end. This second time, I was riveted throughout. Cary Grant is phenomenal. His drunk driving scene is unbelievably funny, yet scary at the same time. It seems he can do pretty much anything he wants onscreen. I can’t wait to check out more of his work.

The female lead, Eve Marie Saint, is just flat-out sexy. Period. She practically melts the film she’s so hot. The club car scene on the train between her and Grant is the closest I’ve seen two people come to having sex without touching. Just awesome. She plays a character with a nice story arc, and she does it beautifully. Did I mention she was dead sexy?

So if you are looking for a good thriller, especially by the master, Alfred Hitchcock, you can’t do much better than North by Northwest. Also, check out a young Martin Landau as the villain’s right hand man. He plays menacing characters so well.

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