Nerd Lunch Episodes featuring Muppets and Comic Book Shops

Nerd Lunch Podcast

I’ve been lax in my Nerd Lunch promoting duties. Sorry about that. So, here’s a two-fer for you. The last two episodes of the Nerd Lunch Podcast were pretty great.

In Episode 158 we were joined by Geeky Kay and we talked about Muppet Christmas specials.

Muppet Christmas Carol

More specifically we discuss one of Jim Henson’s last specials, Muppet Family Christmas, and the very first post-Henson project, Muppet Christmas Carol. Lots of great Muppet discussion.

This week, on the very brand new, Mylar bagged and boarded episode 159 of the Nerd Lunch Podcast we are joined by Shawn Robare and Evan Hanson to talk about our comic book shop memories.

Spider-Man 1 Platinum Edition

All of us grew up frequenting the dirty, grungy comic book shops of the 80s and 90s. We discuss our own local comic shops and our memories of the clientele, the bargain bins and the over priced retailer exclusive comics stored in the glass cases (looking at you Spider-Man #1 Platinum Edition).  So download both of these fun episodes of the podcast and then sell them back to a dealer for half what you paid.  Then you’ll know what it was like to have shopped for comics in the 80s.

Download these episodes from iTunes, Stitcher or listen to them on Feedburner.


Listen to episode 158 online right here.

Listen to episode 159 online right here.


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  1. The way you post these Nerd Lunch links has inspired me to do the same with my Geek Fallout entries. Thanks Pax!

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