AWESOME-tober-fest 2013: The Walking Dead TV series (2010)

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In October 2010, AMC debuted the TV series The Walking Dead based on the comic of the same name by Robert Kirkman. I read the comics, so I thought I should check out the show. There are currently 3 seasons existing and the fourth season starts in Oct.


The show, for the most part, follows the setup of the comics.  Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma to find the world has been plunged into a post-zombie apocalyptic nightmare.  He sets out to reunite with his family and gathers more survivors who walk around searching for food and shelter together.  All the while fighting off the roaming packs of zombies that cover the landscape.

Pretty good premise.  Anyway, I started watching the first season which consists of only 6 episodes and I couldn’t make it past 2 episodes.  The pilot was good, if not riveting.  But by episode 2, I didn’t really care anymore.  The actors don’t suck, but they aren’t electric either.  The zombies are mostly boring (but again, I’m not a huge fan of zombies anyway).  I sort of like the premise I guess, but it’s just not grabbing me.  I’m not fully engaged.  It makes me sad because I’d like to keep watching to see what happens when the fugitives reach the prison and we meet The Governor (from the comics).  But the show isn’t really good enough to continue.

As a matter of fact, I care so little that I don’t feel like even trying to pick this show apart.  I’m not even sure if there were things I would pick apart.  I just didn’t connect with the show and I have a lot of other stuff I’d rather watch that engages me.  So this review is going to end a bit short.  Sadly.

So personally, I can’t really recommend this show, but it’s getting a lot of love online and I guess people really love it.  I, however, don’t.

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9 Responses to “AWESOME-tober-fest 2013: The Walking Dead TV series (2010)”

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  2. caffeinatedjoe Says:

    I love it. They spent a little too much time at the farm, but it got its groove back. Hoping for a wonder season ahead!

  3. dougmccoy38 Says:

    I agree. It bores me.

  4. The show finally got into its groove this past season. It’s insane compared to the first two. There have been quite a few changes with writers and showrunners over the years and I think it just took them a while to find their footing. The first two seasons definitely struggled a bit. But if you ever get some extra time on your hands maybe give it another shot.

    • Yeah, that’s the general response I’m getting, Robert. But I have too many other things that I want to watch instead of “soldiering through” a season and a half of Walking Dead to get to some good stuff.

      I honestly don’t think it’s the show. I think it’s just not my thing.

      • I can totally understand that. I had issues with both this and Breaking Bad, but came around on both. I will say, had I not had a fire lit under my butt to tough it out I would have easily quit both. Though this isn’t to say that you definitely have to go back to the Walking Dead, I think it’s important to know when something isn’t doing it for you, and being able to cut your losses and move on is very healthy…

      • Yeah, thanks Shawn.

        Lately, since my kids were born, I’ve realized how precious my “me time” is. If I have to sit through a bunch of “get through them” episodes to get to good stuff, I really can’t say that’s a good use of my time. Especially when I have other things to watch like finishing up Breaking Bad (which I love), Person of Interest, Season 2 of Game of Thrones, etc.

        And two podcasts to participate in. 😉

  5. Feedly tells me that I’ve been saving this post for 29 days. I was hoping that you had great things to say about the show…but I guess I’m a bit relieved that you don’t. And wait–reading your comment above, did you decide to stick with Breaking Bad? Or was it Shawn who was saying he didn’t have a lot of interest. Like you I’ve become much more picky about what I spend time watching and honestly it seems like there’s just a whole lot of bad TV!

  6. I like Breaking Bad a lot, but my wife and I took a hiatus from watching it because it was so damn dark. We spent that hiatus watching every existing episode of Downton Abbey and the entire first season of Game of Thrones. So we didn’t waste the time.

    But we plan on returning to Breaking Bad at some point.

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