Some of my biggest Pet Peeves


It’s League time. This week, we are asked to talk about some of our “pet peeves”. I have them, so I thought I’d talk about them. If you do any of these, I’m sorry in advance…but I hate you.

Shopping Cart
People not returning their carts to the cart corral. OMFG this absolutely drives me up the wall. Supermarkets, Wal-Mart, Target, you name it, and people will leave their carts in the middle of the parking spot. Or with the front wheels lodged over the curb.  WTF?!  I’ve actually returned 5 or 6 abandoned carts to the corral before even walking into the store. I’ve seen abandoned carts in parking spots that actually sit RIGHT NEXT to the cart corral. That’s just lazy, people. God forbid you walk your cart 10-15 ft to the nearest cart corral. Yes, I have been in the situation where the nearest cart return is on another aisle (usually when you park close to the front of the store). In that case, I take the cart back to the store.  It’s polite, plus, it keeps from making the parking lot an obstacle course when you are trying to park with all of these abandoned shopping carts littering the landscape like dead bodies.  PUT YOUR GODDAM CART AWAY.

Leaving your movie seat looking like a popcorn/soda bomb exploded.  I think it’s a cop-out to say “they have people to clean that up”. How hard is it to take your leftover bag and cup and drop it in the trashcan on the way out of the movie? I’m not saying you have to grab a broom and sweep up, just walk your trash over to the goddam cans you lazy SOB.

Movie trailers. I love them, but lately they show too much of the f**king movie. And why do studios now release all these clips of the big tent pole movies? Before Avengers was released to theaters you could probably have pieced together 90% of the movie with all the trailers, international trailers and TV spots that were released to the Internet. I hate that. STOP IT.

The above can also apply to TV viewing.  Many shows have begun showing “coming up after the break” previews before commercials.  It’s irritating.  I have to mute or fast forward before seeing something early which ruins it if it’s supposed to be funny or particularly shocking.  I’m already watching the show, so essentially those “teasers” are preaching to the choir.  Stop that sh*t.

If you read this blog for more than five minutes then you know I love sodas. Here are two soda peeves I have:

Why when you go to restaurants can you only get Coke or Pepsi? When you order a beer, can you only get Budweiser? When you order a margarita can you only get Jose Cuervo tequila?  It’s absurd. I’m mainly a Pepsi drinker, so when I go to a restaurant and they only have Coke products, I’m screwed. The only Coke drink I like is Coke Zero, which is still not widely available in fountains (another pet peeve). And the only diet drink they usually offer is Diet Coke, which I hate with a fiery passion. Why must soda companies divide their markets like this? It’s so unbelievably frustrating. This also happens in fast food joints and movie theaters. It’s either Coke or Pepsi, but never both. WHY?!  Well, I know why, I just want that sh*t to stop.

Coke Zero. I really like Coke Zero. Why is it hard to find? Honestly, in the last year or so this has gotten better, but as recently as last year Coke Zero was hard to find outside of gas stations.  Restaurants and movie theaters that carry Coke more often than not don’t stock Coke Zero in the fountain (a few do, but not many) and many soda machines do not have it (like I said, though, this is getting better). I personally think Diet Coke should be retired and fed to the horses and dogs to be replaced by the greatness that is Coke Zero…for good. Yes, I said it.  Diet Coke is garbage.  But that’s probably just me.

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6 Responses to “Some of my biggest Pet Peeves”

  1. With you on the TV previews, although it isn’t that new. Firefly, from back at the turn of the century, was famous (infamous?) for, “…and who is the girl in the box?” Yeah, just knock it the 4k off, already. We’re already interested, or we wouldn’t be there to see you ruin it in the first place!

  2. With on basically anything where people are being outright lazy and disrespectful. Put the cart back and clean up after yourself you Neanderthals!

  3. I hate the shopping cart non-returns too:( A new grocery store near me has a dollar-slot on the front of their carts, so you have to put in a loonie before you can use it (um… is my Canadian showing?) Good idea, and I’m sure no one is abandoning any carts in the middle of their parking lot, but bad not to tell people since I never carry cash! Oops!

  4. have to agree with your list including shopping carts for that is just asking for the store to later get sued because some one crashed into the things

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