Talisman Readalong Kickoff!!


I was looking at the calendar the other day and I noticed that I posted my review of Stephen King’s The Stand almost 1 year ago today. August 7, 2013.  I had actually finished the book about a month before on July 9, 2013.  It was nice to finally fill that hole in my King bibliography.  I have several other holes I hope to fill before long (I encourage you to run with every joke that comes to mind in connection with that last sentence. I would.).

Anyway, I’m a big fan of Stephen King and I’ve read much of the man’s bibliography.  However, there are still several King books I’d like to get off my internal “King reading list”; ‘Salem’s Lot, Needful Things, On Writing, The Running Man, The Talisman.

Needful Things On Writing The Running Man

I was talking to my good friend Trish (who I did the Stand readalong with) and she’s been really digging King lately as well. She just finished readalongs for It, Under the Dome and The Shining.  I told her about the outstanding King books I feel I still need to read and she said she’d do The Talisman with me.  How awesome is that?  Even after all her goings on (she actually gives birth to a tiny human sometime around Labor Day) she still agrees to read this book with me.  That’s why I love Trish.

So anyway, the result of all this is that Trish and I are doing a readalong for The Talisman.  I’m pretty excited about it.  I hope this book is good. I know I like Stephen King, but I’ve never read any of Peter Straub’s books.  However, in anticipation, I bought a Peter Straub novel I’ve had my eye on for a while called Shadowland.

Even if The Talisman is terrible, I’ll probably read Shadowland anyway.  Then I’ll know for sure if it was King or Straub that killed the book.

The Talisman readalong officially starts today, August 1, but I finished my previous book early so I started reading it on Tuesday.  I’m not very far in but I definitely have some thoughts forming.  I’ll be tweeting those thoughts under #Talismanalong.  So join me, won’t you?

I have a few articles planned during the readalong including an old ass magazine interview with King and Straub as well as some half way point check ins and the like.  It should be fun.  So grab your copy and get started.  And jump over to Trish’s site and tell her you’ll be joining us.


3 Responses to “Talisman Readalong Kickoff!!”

  1. I really don’t think you’re going to be disappointed, honestly. The Talisman is one of the best books Stephen King has been involved in. I remember reading somewhere that the two authors often attempted aping each others’ styles in different parts of the book, to the point where they both have trouble telling who wrote what now. It has the feel of some of King’s greatest stories (IT, the better parts of the Stand, the better parts of the Gunslinger stuff) it plays out as more of a dark fantasy adventure story than an outright horror. I would ALMOST put it on my favorite books of all time list. Maybe not top ten, but close.

  2. Hello fellow King fan!! I love to find bloggers who also love King. I run the Stephen King Fan group on goodreads and will pass this info along. Of course I will also join up.

  3. Love the Talisman. One of my favorite quirky King books. Kind of opened the door to the weirdness that was the Dark Tower. Needful thing is good and creepy (good movie too) and the running man bears no resemblance to the ahhnuld movie (but is pretty darn good)

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