Help Support Strange Kid Comix Anthology #3

Rondal over at Strange Kids Club has prepped and ready the third issue of his comix anthology. However, he needs our help to get it off the ground. Go check out the Kickstarter account for issue #3.  There is a lot of content packed into this issue of the anthology by a lot of really awesome contributors.

Here’s the amazing cover by Jason Edmiston:

SKC Comix #3

Like I said, Rondal has packed the issue with art by some awesome folks like Brent Engstrom, Jon David Guerra and John Rozum. There is also written content by such blogging luminaries as Brian Adams (Cool and Collected), Shawn Robare (Branded in the 80s) and myself (here).

You will not want to miss this.  Plus, each level of contribution has tons of extra swag you can grab.  Super secret production blog site, limited edition postcards and prints, ebook versions of the first two issues of the Comix anthology, plus much, much more.

So head over to this issue’s Kickstarter page, show your support for this most awesome collection of art and content.  You will not be disappointed.


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