Nerd Lunch Episode 50 is a-comin’! Be ready to Ask Us Anything!

Nerd Lunch Podcast

That’s right gentlemen and gentleladies, the Nerd Lunch Podcast is about to celebrate it’s 50th episode! (Cue arena-like, Motley Crue crowd cheers)

Number 50

For episode 50, we want to do something special. So we are doing an episode called Ask Us Anything. To further explain that cryptic title, we want you, our listeners, to go ahead and ask us any question you like. Do you want to know more about us? Maybe you want to know what we think about some topic we haven’t already discussed? Do you want naked pictures of CT?  Or Jeeg to do your taxes?  Or how to give us truckloads of cash? Whatever your query, send it along to us and we will assure that it is handled in a prompt and professional manner. Unless it sucks, then we’ll completely ignore it and possibly make fun of you when we aren’t recording.

You can leave your question in the comments here or head over to Nerd Lunch and leave a comment there. Or, shoot on over to The Atomic Geeks Forums and leave your question in the Ask Us Anything thread.

We’ve already received several really great questions.  Get yours in while you still can and stay tuned for Episode #50.


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