New Feature: Bionic Review

Bionic Review

I’m going to start up another feature on this blog. Thanks to CT over at Nerd Lunch I was able to acquire a very cheap set of The Six Million Dollar Man Complete Series DVD collection from Time Life.

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I’ve been a huge bionic fan since I watched the show in reruns while I was growing up. I have VHS copies of some of the more famous episodes like the original Bigfoot episodes, the original Bionic Woman episodes and The Seven Million Dollar Man episode.  But ever since Time Life released this set, I wanted it.  The asking price was a little out of my price range though, but I maintained hope that it would go on sale at some point.  Then CT spotted a coupon code on Facebook for the set that gave me over $80 off the price so I pulled the trigger and got the entire set with free shipping for a price that fell smack dab in the middle of my desired price range.  YES.

So now I have the full set at home.  It’s awesome, it comes in this collectible box with a lenticular image of Steve Austin on top that actually runs when you move the top up and down.  Also, when you open the top, you hear Oscar Goldman say, “Steve Austin.  A man barely alive…”  Like I said, AWESOME.  My son loves that the box talks when you open it and he also likes looking at the Steve Austin lenticular “run”.  Maybe sometime he’ll watch these episodes with me.

So now I want to start watching the episodes of the show.

Secret of Bigfoot Pass Cyborg IV

At the same time I’ve been trying to get this DVD set, I’ve also sort of quietly started collecting the novels that are based on the show.  There are four novels written by Martin Caidin who created Steve Austin in his first novel, Cyborg.  There are also a bunch of novels that adapt episodes of the show.  I got the original Cyborg novel as well as it’s two sequels; Operation Nuke and High Crystal.   But it was taking me for-f**king-ever to find the final Caidin book, Cyborg IV.  Then I finally worked a deal with a guy online and acquired pretty much the entire run of Six Million Dollar Man novels as well as the two Bionic Woman novels.  So now I have those to read.

Since I plan on consuming all of this pop culture bionic awesomeness, I figure I’ll chart my progress here on the blog in much the same way I’m doing my Oz books read through.  I’ll start reviewing the books, then I’ll start reviewing the TV episodes.  I haven’t figured out how the episode reviews will work.  I probably won’t put up an article for every single episode.  I’ll probably group episodes together in twos or threes and leave the big two parters and the more significant episodes (Bigfoot, Bionic Woman, Death Probe) with their own articles.  We’ll see how I do that when I get there.

Currently, right this very moment, I’ve read the first two Caidin novels and watched the first two Six Million Dollar Man pilot movies (there were three movies in 1973 before the series began in January 1974).  I’ll slowly start to post these reviews without any type of regularity at first.  The Oz read through stuff will take priority right now.  But I’m looking forward to starting and sharing this journey with everyone.  It should be fun.


5 Responses to “New Feature: Bionic Review”

  1. AWESOME! I just started my acquisition of ALL Doctor Who. Since a lot of the early episodes are not in print any more and the originals were destroyed by BBC, I am having a tough time finding them. So far I found the two first VHS tapes (original release) in excellent condition.

    It looks however, this will be a very long process to get everything, but I am holding off watching any more doctor who until I can watch from start to end.

    Anxiously awaiting the Bionic Reviews!

  2. Looking forward to it, Paxton!

    • Thanks Paul. I started listening to your Cyborgs podcast this past week. I really enjoy it. It makes watching the series more fun. I hope to do as good a job as you guys are doing.

      FYI, If you are stuck for a guest on Cyborgs, I’d be happy to come on. I’m trying to talk to the Nerd Lunch crew about doing a SMDM episode and having you guys on. We’ll see how that goes.

      Thanks for reading.


      • We’d love to have you on our show, Paxton! We’re booked up through “Secret of Bigfoot” and “Welcome Home, Jaime” and won’t be booking more until next year. But please email us your top three choices for episodes that come after “Bigfoot” and season four of Six Mill, and season one of Bionic Woman. We encourage potential guests to consider not just the popular episodes (e.g. Bigfoot, Fembots, Death Probe, etc.) Looking forward to it!

      • Awesome. Sending email…

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