I’m starting to read Stephen King’s The Stand….

The Standalong

My friend Trish over at Love, Laughter and Insanity has decided she wants to read Stephen King’s The Stand and is hosting a Readalong that she is calling The Standalong. I too have never read what is considered Stephen King’s greatest work and I count myself as a King fan. I’ve read a good chunk of his work including; Firestarter, Misery, Dead Zone, The Cell, The Long Walk, The Gunslinger and Eyes of the Dragon as well as Skeleton Crew, Night Shift and Different Seasons.  However, I’ve always been intimidated by The Stand. What if I think it not only sucks but blows? Do I want to slog through 1000+ pages of a sucky-blowy novel? The quick answer to that is…NO. However, when Trish announced this readalong, I thought, this is a giant empty spot in my geek/pop culture box of tricks. I really need to read it, especially since I consider myself a King fan.

So, I girded my loins, ordered my copy of the book from Paperbackswap and signed myself up for Trish’s readalong.  A familiar face also signed up for the Standalong, Shawn Robare from Branded in the 80s.  It’s going to be a rollicking, apocalypt-y good time.

Here’s the copy of the book I got, it’s the uncut version, of course.

The Stand

Officially, the readalong starts today.  However, I won’t begin the book until this weekend.  Well, assuming the person that sent me the book from Paperbackswap gets it here in the next day or so (no, I don’t have it yet).  Otherwise, I’ll begin it on Monday.  I’m looking forward to finally tackling this giant story.

If you want to join us, click the link above, sign up with Trish and get ready to hold onto your butts!


8 Responses to “I’m starting to read Stephen King’s The Stand….”

  1. The Stand is the first King novel I read, and I’ve loved it ever since. Recently made my boyfriend read it for the first time (I’m gradually converting him to my SK-loving ways) and he was blown away.


  2. I love King, but the Stand wasn’t exactly as life-changing as everyone made it out to be. I had it on my “To-Read List” this year and charged right into it. It shifts and that is something I didn’t expect. As always, though, it’s King’s characters that really make his stories stand out. I hope you do enjoy it. Though it wasn’t my favorite, I am glad I read it.

  3. Good book…I think one of his bests…very epoch….I cant remember for the life of me remember if I read the cut or the uncut version…now I gotta go check…made for TV mini-series SUCKED! came off very campy…. I just read his new book about TIme Travel book entitled – 11/23/63…good story as well but it dragged in places.. btw books with a date as a title dont work for me…just saying.. (unless its 1632, 1633, etc)

    • Yeah, my wife is reading 11/23/63 right now. She’s loving it.

      I was wanting to watch the mini-series when I’m done but I’ve not heard great things.

      • The mini-series isnt the best adapation of one of his books but it isnt the worst.. (thinking of Dream Catcher, Langoliers,and few others.) . There are some good scenes but as a whole it didnt quite click for me …enjoy the story sire

  4. Meant to say sir..note sire…unless your a King that is

  5. I’m not a king, however, I thought sire worked pretty well. Thank you. :=)

  6. It is the fist Stephen King novel for me and I was pleasantly surprised. Happy reading.

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