The Pax & Jeeg Show Episode 34: Wrestlemania

Nerd Lunch Podcast

Jeeg and I continue our show this week and we are joined by Michael Downs of the Atomic Geeks and Jay from Sexy Armpit. The topic for this week’s throwdown is Wrestlemania.


Listen to Jeeg transform into Michael Puffer and introduce the hell out of the rest of us. Also listen to all of us transform into our favorite wrestlers and cut some awesome promos. We also take the time to discuss our favorite Wrestlemania moments and matches as well as our overall favorite Wrestlemania. It’s a grappling good time. Come have your ear Power Bombed by our awesome discussion.

Download this episode from iTunes or listen to it on Feedburner. And yes, we are still on the Zune Marketplace.


One Response to “The Pax & Jeeg Show Episode 34: Wrestlemania”

  1. I listened to this the the other day. Helped get me through a brutal arvo of gardening in the Aussie sun. Twas a cool listen. Am guessing I am a little younger than you guys, cause my favourite was Wrestlemania X. Was always a big fan of Owen and Bret Hart, and that storyline just blew my tiny little mind. So to have that awesome match open the show, then Bret leave with the title, was just awesomeness for me.

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