Nerd Lunch Episode 13: Cartoon Crushes

Nerd Lunch Podcast Unlucky episode 13. This will probably end up being “creepy” episode 13.  Our topic this week is to discuss our cartoon crushes. Yes we talk about cartoon people that we find attractive. And to up the creepiness factor, we categorize them into categories like “Dream Date”, “The One That Got Away”, “Bad Girl”, etc etc.  So not only do we actually have to think about our crushes and put a label on them, most of the cartoon crushes we talk about are supposed to be, well, a little younger than us.  So yeah, we toe the line of being awesome and getting a visit from Chris Hansen.

To Catch a Predator(Via

In a move designed to make this episode seem less creepy and lecherous, we are joined by Kristin from the Geek Girls Network. You are going to love her, she’s hilarious.  And yes, we actually talk about half human half turtle babies.  We go there.  And Kristin is the one to bring it up.  I am so in love with this episode.

Anyway, download this episode from iTunes, Zune Marketplace or listen to it on Feedburner.

Again, this is a very visual topic (like the Nerd Decor episode) so I thought I’d give you guys a visual reference to some of my cartoon crushes. These are in no particular order, listen to the podcast to see what category in which I put these lovely ladies.

Supergirl (Kara-Zor El) – Introduced in Batman/Superman in 2003 by Jeph Loeb and drawn by Michael Turner.

Elise – From the SSX snowboard video game franchise.

Madelyn Pryor – AKA The Goblin Queen. Evil clone of Jean Grey. Created by Mr Sinister and featured in Marvel’s Inferno crossover event in 1989.

Invisible Woman – From the Marvel Ultimate universe.


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