AWESOME-tober-fest 2011: Dracula the Series (1991)

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Thus begins week three of AWESOME-tober-fest. This week begins TV week. Let’s start things off with a little known Canadian vampire TV show, shall we?

Today, we are looking at Dracula The Series.  This show originally aired in 1991.  In this show, Dracula poses as a wealthy tycoon named Alexander Lucard (A. Lucard…get it?  Like we don’t get enough backwards Dracula references).  Dracula had plans every week for some dastardly doings.  The group opposing him was led by Gustav Van Helsing and his nephews Max and Chris.  At the very least, the show followed the lore of the books in that Dracula could walk in the daylight, but loses his powers when doing so.

The show had several guest stars that were famous in Canada. Geraint Wyn Davies would appear in several episodes as Gustav’s son who was turned into a vampire. For those that don’t know, Geraint would go on to star in his own vampire TV show one year later. But I’ll talk more about that show tomorrow.  Other guest stars include Kim Coates who has starred in tons of movies and TV shows like Waterworld, Prison Break and Sons of Anarchy as well as Barry Morse from The Fugitive and Space: 1999.

Here’s the intro to the show:

You can also watch several of the episodes on YouTube starting with Episode 1.

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  1. I would have never remembered that Dracula series if I didn’t read this post! lol

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