Review of DC’s The New 52 – Justice League #1

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Well, for those that don’t know, I’m off to Vegas tomorrow.  My wife and I are renewing our vows for our 10th anniversary and there’s no better way to do it than to do it in Vegas by Elvis.  So that’s happening for me this weekend.

I wanted to jump in today with a quick comic review.  The first of DC’s “New 52” came out and I got my hands on it.  It was Justice League #1.

Written by Geoff Johns and drawn by the awesome Jim Lee, this comic begins DC’s journey into Rebootville. I wasn’t for sure what to expect going into this. I was  a little excited, a little apprehensive.  I just wanted a good start to this whole thing.  Plus, I didn’t know where they would begin.  Will we see the origin of the JLA, or will everything begin further back and we’ll eventually get the full-fledged JLA.  Let’s see.

The story starts in the middle of a chase. You have Batman, chasing what appears to be a superhuman alien while himself being chased by the authorities.  Who are firing weapons trying to bring him down.

Lee’s artwork is truly something to behold here.  Anyway, it seems people have just discovered super humans and no one really knows what to think of them. And the government hates them.  Green Lantern shows up and “teams up” with Batman to apprehend the runaway alien.  The alien disappears and both Batman and GL speculate that this may have something to do with that other alien, Superman.  Neither of them have met him.  So GL flies Batman and himself to Metropolis to confront the Man of Steel.  GL puts Batman in a ring generated force field and waltzes into a building telling Batman that he has this totally under control.  GL immediately flies back out the side of the building presumably propelled by a hardcore punch from Superman.  Superman emerges from the building and challenges Batman.

And that’s it. Short and just barely an intro into the new DC Universe. And I have to say, it’s a really good one. I wasn’t normally a JLA reader but I will definitely continue with this title. Especially after this action packed start. I just gave you the barest reviews but this book is full of snappy dialogue and cool action scenes.  And I don’t care, I like the Superman suit.  This gets me even more excited for Grant Morrison’s Action Comics.  And, of course, Justice League #2.

If you are at all curious, give this title a shot.  The first issue is appropriately awesome.


2 Responses to “Review of DC’s The New 52 – Justice League #1”

  1. I have a bit of an interest in Action, but I’ll probably wait for the trades if I pursue them. I’d like to pick up some of the digital issues, but they’re just so expensive.

  2. Does superman look kind of oriental

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