AWESOME-tober-fest 2010: Werewolf on Fox

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So, another day has dawned on this AWESOME-tober-fest 2010. This week, we are discussing werewolf TV shows. Yesterday I looked at Wolf Lake on Sci-Fi. Today, we look at one of the first shows ever on Fox Network, Werewolf.

Here’s a promo for the series:

The story involves graduate student Eric Cord whose best friend reveals that he’s a werewolf and asks Eric to kill him with a silver bullet. Eric is forced to do so but not before his friend transforms and attacks him. Cord kills the werewolf but is now infected with the curse. In order to rid himself of his werewolf affliction, he either must kill himself or find the originator of the bloodline. A man Eric is told is the mysterious and crazy Capt Janos Skorzeny (played by Chuck Connors).

Werewolf pic 1

So, essentially the episodes involved Eric dodging a bounty hunter while searching for Capt Skorzeny.  Eric did manage to face and defeat the Capt, but in doing so found out that he wasn’t the originator of the bloodline.  It was another, 500 year old werewolf named Nicholas Remy.  So the searching and battling began anew.  And the audience would not find out if Eric found him as the show was canceled before that could happen.

fox Werewolf pic 2

While the show may have been average to good, the makeup effects were top notch. They were designed by none other than Rick Baker who famously designed the werewolf effects for An American Werewolf in London, The Wolfman (2010) and Wes Craven’s Cursed.

The complete series had been announced to be released on DVD, however it was eventually canceled.

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3 Responses to “AWESOME-tober-fest 2010: Werewolf on Fox”

  1. It’s a shame that this never made it to DVD. I’ve never heard of it before, but the setup/plot sounds pretty interesting and it must’ve been a real treat to see Baker’s work on television every week!

  2. Nice post! Ahhhh yes. Werewolf.

    Though I remember liking this show back in the day on the brand-spankin’-new FOX network (and it’s got make-up by Rick Baker!) I canNOT for the life of me remember ANYTHING that happened on that show.
    I had read up on the DVD and its eventual cancellation. Guess I’ll have to find a gray-market DVD or VHS to catch up…

  3. This was a show I was addicted to. I used to turn out the lights and sit on my mini rocking chair in my family’s den and watch this show. Several years ago I bought a bootleg of the show and it did not hold up well at all. That’s probably why the DVD set was cancelled.

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