AWESOME-tober-fest 2010: Frazetta’s Dracula Meets The Wolfman

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In 2007 Image Comics started releasing several limited edition comic books based on the paintings of sci-fi/fantasy legend Frank Frazetta. Their first comic was based on one of Frazetta’s most well known pieces, The Death Dealer. The Death Dealer was the subject of several of Frazetta’s most famous paintings.  The comic book told the origin of the famous character and fleshed out some of his adventures.  When that comic proved successful they decided to continue the series by telling the story behind other famous Frazetta paintings.

Frazetta's DMW painting

In 2008, Image released a one-shot comic book based on Frazetta’s painting, Dracula Meets The Wolfman (see above).  The one-shot comic was released with three limited edition covers.  Cover A was the original Frazetta painting.  Cover B was done by the book’s artist Francesco Francavilla.  The third cover was a limited edition sketch by Nat Jones (see covers below).

Dracula Meets Wolf Man Cover A Dracula Meets Wolfman Cover B Dracula Meets Wolfman Cover C

I recently read this one shot comic and, as for the story, it’s a little thin. It feels like only part of a larger story. Nicolae, who is apparently a werewolf, is in love with a peasant girl. The peasant girl is taken to Dracula who intends to feast on her blood. Nicolae shows up all wolfed out and battles Dracula for the life of the peasant girl. That’s essentially it. The peasant girl is killed and we get an epilogue that fast forwards years later where the Wolf Man ambushes Dracula on the tarmac of a private airport. It’s really disjointed and feels like the middle part of a three part story.  I was hoping there were other issues to flesh out the rest of the story but there isn’t.  That’s it.

Needless to say, for me, the idea is far better than the actual execution of that idea.  I love Frazetta, I love the painting, but I do not love this comic book.

Stay tuned, all week I am looking at werewolves in comic books.

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  1. Awesome painting. Never read the book, but not gonna search it out, either.

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