AWESOME-tober-fest 2009: More Supermarket Halloween Goodies

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Day 2 of AWESOME-tober-fest!! Did you miss Day 1?  Check it here.

It seems like fewer things are getting branded with the Halloween graphics. Sometimes companies will cop out and brand something “Fall” or “Autumn” instead of a cool Halloween theme. I’m totally not on board with that. Bring out the bat and demon fueled monster graphics.

Here are some more retail products that celebrate All Hallow’s Eve like the rest of us.

Blue Bird Snowballs — I’m not a huge fan of Snowballs, but Blue Bird really dresses them up for the holidays. For Halloween they turn orange. For Xmas they are usually red (or white). I may not like them, but I fully support their celebration of the Halloween season.

Gourmet candy corn 1 Gourmet candy corn 2
Gourmet Candy Corn — Gourmet candy corn?  Gourmet?  Should I drink red or white wine with these?  Calling candy corn “gourmet” is like calling McDonalds a “fancy restaurant”.  First, it’s not true, and second, well, the first one pretty much covers it.  I can understand you wanting to change the flavor of candy corn, but blackberry cobbler flavored candy corn is no longer, technically, candy corn.  Unless it’s just a hint of blackberry cobbler, then I’m worried they are just making the flavors worse.  Up next?  Strawberry shortcake flavored peanut butter cups.

Halloween 7-Up
7-Up Halloween cans — Sadly, so far, 7-Up is the only soda to dress up for Halloween.  Why?  Where’s the love, Coke and Pepsi?  Pepsi, put a pumpkin on your label instead of the “smile”.  Coke, dress up the black Coke Zero can with moons or bats or something.  This 7-Up can is awesome.  The other companies need to catch up or get out of the way.  I just found out that A&W Root Beer has similar graphics on their cans.  Bravo, A&W.  Bravo.

Halloween Ritz
Halloween Ritz — Like Halloween Oreos, you can count on Halloween Ritz pretty much every year.  Spooky box graphics, scary images carved into the cracker face.  It’s there every year like a warm, orange and black security blanket keeping you safe.  You can set your watch by it.  Thank you Nabisco for being our Halloween rock.

More AWESOME-tober-fest goodness coming tomorrow when I look at awesome Halloween grocery products from years past.

Also, check out Countdown to Halloween for more Halloween-y, bloggy AWESOMEness.


9 Responses to “AWESOME-tober-fest 2009: More Supermarket Halloween Goodies”

  1. Book bloggers are so pro-commenting that I automatically want to comment on everything that I read–but it makes me wonder if I should be commenting here? I know you’ll be sweet and tell me yes that would be Awesome, but just throwing that out there. (especially as I can be the world’s most rambly commenter).

    Back to topic. One of favorites is Halloween Peeps. No, I don’t eat them. Ever. Not even when they’re stale. But they are sure fun to stick in the microwave and watch plump up. Or throw in the fire while camping and watch burn up.

    Favorite Halloween candy EVER are those little pumpkin candy corns. Pure sugary goodness. I might have to go steal some off of my coworker’s desk.

    • Trish, first things first, you lost me on your entire first paragraph. When you say commenting “here” do you mean this particular article, or the blog? Regardless, I love every comment you leave. Ramble on, baby. It gets me through the day.

      Second, Peeps are entirely too marshmallow-y. I guess I’m not a huge marshmallow fan. I do like the pumpkin candies you mentioned though. I haven’t seen them in awhile. My grandmother always had some, so it makes me think that only grandmothers would put out a bowl of them. I think that’s just me, though.

      • LOL, yes I meant commenting here in general. But if you don’t mind, then I’m gonna keep on rambling. It’s really hard for me to read something and NOT comment.

        I don’t EAT Peeps, yuck, but they are fun to catch on fire. Um, wait, I better stop before people start thinking I’m a pyro. 🙂

        My coworker introduced me to Caramel Apple Candy Corn candies yesterday and they are delish. Very different but yum.

  2. Oh I don’t like Snowballs but that is such a cute Halloween tie-in! Gourmet candy corn? That is just odd, neat I guess but definitely odd! I wonder why more soda company’d don’t really celebrate holidays anymore. I mean, I saw football-shaped Dr. Pepper bottles last week! Surely Halloween themed things would sell better? Not to mention be more interesting!

  3. I was never a big snowball fan. I always thought they would be ridiculously awesome by the looks of them but when I finally had one as a kid they let me down big time! I agree…lets get mor sinister box decor on our food for halloween!

  4. You know, i’ve never eaten a snowball, and I dont want to for some reason I know I wont like it. And I agree, candy corns are not gourmet…lol.

  5. I disagree tentatively on the gourmet candy corn. I almost bought those exact kind (waffling between the creme brulee and the blackberry cobbler) and then, reluctantly, realized that I really don’t need them around the house so I skipped them entirely. But I also had the unsettling thought that they’d taste too much like candy corn (in other words, corn syrup) and not enough like the flavors on the box. So I am not a traditionalist, and you may have to consider the source.

  6. Ask and ye shall receive! Maybe Pepsi was listening…

    Halloween Pepsi cans

    • Wow, I have more influence than I thought.

      Great find, Shawn! I’m jealous. Now I gotta make a few supermarket runs to see if I can find them myself. 🙂

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