I have an article on Skooldays blog


Just a quick note, I was asked by the blog at Skooldays to write a few nostalgic articles for them.  So every once in a while I’ll be posting a nostalgic memory about an item from our pop culture past, much like I do right here on this blog.  Only, over there, the articles will be a bit shorter.  This week, I had an article posted about Crystal Pepsi. Hop on over to their very cool, nostalgic site and take a look at my article, first, of course, then check out the myriad of other remembrances from our pop culture past.


6 Responses to “I have an article on Skooldays blog”

  1. Oh my, I LOVED Crystal Pepsi (although I am a coke drinker through and through). Ahhh…memories. Of to check out the full post.

    • Yeah, I’m a Pepsi drinker. But I have fond memories of New Coke. Everyone hated it but I actually liked it better than regular Coke. Probably because it was formulated to taste like Diet Pepsi.

  2. Mike Lehman Says:

    The thing I remember most about crystal pepsi was when they first lauched it, it tasted like pepsi. Then, after a while, it had an odd chemically taste, and I never bought it again

    That and the SNL commercial “Crystal Gravy”

  3. OK nice to see- informed blogs are always welcome! Peace.

  4. OK nice to see- informed comments are always welcome! Blessings.

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