Happy Thanksgiving from the Cavalcade of Awesome!!


I hope everyone has a pleasant and safe Thanksgiving.


Oh, and Kathy, be prepared to face not being ranked #1 after Saturday.  It’s inevitable.

Tiger Rags shirt

Have a great holiday everyone and I’ll see you on the backslide into Christmas 2008!!

5 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving from the Cavalcade of Awesome!!”

  1. I LOVE that pic! I have it saved somewhere. Have a great Turkey Day!!!

  2. Well……you’re seeing 7 losses for AU! Roll Tide, baby!

  3. Actually, I must have meant the Saturday AFTER this, when you lost to Florida, and were no longer ranked #1.

  4. You mean when we actually played a FOOTBALL team? Well, #4 in the BCS is almost as many wins as you got this entire season. Stop being a H8TR!

    What are you going to do with a 5-19 coach? Seriously, did you really just fire your coach who won 5 THIS SEASON with one who won only 5 in the past TWO seasons? MORONS!!!!

  5. I agree, Tubbs shouldn’t have been fired. Or, if he quit, we should have hired the Buffalo coach or the GA Tech coach. Instead, we hired an Iowa St coach that can’t even win games in the Big 12. THE BIG 12!!! How can he win in the SEC when he couldn’t win in the Big 12?!?!

    Drives me f%#$# nuts.

    FYI…the coaching carousel Bama had the last 10 years leaves you no room to talk about our coaching situation. Bad as it is. 😉

    I mean, you guys fired a really good coach (Price) for going to a strip club. WTF?! I was actually excited about seeing Bama’s offense under Price.

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