7-11 and another “Kwik-E” Update

Kwik E Mart SignWell, the remodeled 7-Eleven/Kwik-E-Mart promotion is supposed to be over. There are still some holdouts here and there, and there’s still plenty of Simpsons products within the 7-Elevens themselves, but I think the remodels are coming down. I never got to go to one, but my in-laws and a good friend of mine went to remodeled 7-Elevens in Texas and Nevada for me then sent me pictures and a few other surprises.

What surprises you ask? Well, below you’ll find some of the treasures my mother-in-law sent to my doorstep after I asked her to check out the Dallas Kwik-E-Mart for me. You can click some of the images below to get a bigger version.

Simpsons StuffA big pile of the awesome, awesome stuff that my in-laws sent me from Texas. Cookies, books, comics, etc, etc. Lots of awesome here. Too much awesome, actually. I almost don’t deserve it……I take that back, yes I do.

Squishee CupOn the Simpsons, the Kwik-E-Mart sells their version of the Slushee called a Squishee. For the promotion, 7-11 rebranded their Slushee drinks, Squishee, and offered drinks in these cool collector cups.

Bart CookieBart Simpson cookie. I also got a cookie of Homer Simpson’s head. You can see it in the first picture up top.

DonutsHomer’s favorite food, donuts with pink frosting. I can see why he loves these things. They are like tiny baked circles of Heaven. Instead of the usual glazed donuts that Homer eats, these were actually cake donuts. I think they may have been better than the glazed. They were deeeeeeelicious….uuuuuuummmmmmmmm……………dooooooonuuuuuuuts.

The pictures from here down all come from my good friend Mitzi. She went on a West Coast trip recently and went to the remodeled 7-11 in Nevada. These are my favorite of the pics she sent me. Thanks Mitzi.

Donuts 2Here’s the display for all the pink frosting donuts. Tell me this does not cause your eyes to glaze over (pun intended) and your mouth to drool. Looks. So. Good. Click on this image to see the bigger version then check out to the left of the donut display. You can see a tiny blue and white box of Chocodiles. I didn’t know Hostess still made those. I want one!

SquisheeLike I said earlier, the Slurpee machines were re-branded with the Squishee name. They even added a new flavor, Blue Woo Hoo Vanilla. Nice name.

BuzzThe soda fountain was covered with ads for the Simpsons-only cola, Buzz. It wasn’t in the fountain, but 7-11 was offering cans of Buzz Cola in their coolers. My in-laws got me 2 cans of Buzz Cola. I tried it, and it was awful. Tasted like watered down, bitter RC Cola. Not cool. Although 7-11 did carry Buzz Cola, they did not carry the Simpsons-only beer, Duff Beer. How great would a can of Duff Beer be? Well, if it tasted anything like Buzz Cola, it wouldn’t be great. But, I’d keep the can. I see Duff Beer as the Simpsons equivalent of Miller High Life.

Comic Book GuyOne of my favorite characters on the Simpsons is Comic Book Guy. His snarky comments whenever he is on screen reminds me of a comic shop guy when I was in high school (yes, I collected comics). Some of his best quotes; “Your emotion is out of place here, son.”, “Worst episode EVER.”, “I must hurry back to my comic book store, where I dispense the insults rather than absorb them.” He’s endlessly entertaining and he’ll pop up randomly in episodes.

Stuff2More Simpsons product on sale. You can see the pink donuts on top, the Bart and Homer cookies below that. The Squishee cups are on the bottom (you can see different colors). You can’t see any boxes of Krusty-Os cereal that 7-11 was also selling. These were a hot item and most 7-11s ran out very quickly. Unfortunately the Krusty-Os were all sold out at the Dallas Kwik-E-Mart where my in-laws went, so I didn’t get a box. However, I read that it was pretty much just Fruit Loops. Having the box would be cool, though.

Front2A picture of the front of the Nevada remodeled 7-11. I love the idea of having life-size simpsons standees all over the place. Really puts you in that world.

Well, much thanks goes to my in-laws, Kathi and Dan, and my friend Mitzi for sending me the awesome pictures and cool Simpsons swag. I really wish I could have gone to the one in Orlando but a 2.5 hour trip one way is tough to justify for a trip to a 7-11. However, I’m going to Orlando in the next few weeks with my wife and friends for our annual trip to the Epcot Food & Wine Festival. We shall see if the 7-11 remodels are still standing. There’s also a giant McDonald’s right off the interstate that I want to get a look at.

FYI…Mitzi is a really good photographer. She has great pics of her West Coast trip up at her Myspace page. Check them out.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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