Shut-ins: I can see the appeal

Shut InMan, I promise you more content and what do I do, skip ANOTHER week? I’m such a tool. Really. It’s not like I didn’t have time the weekend before last to write a few buffer articles. I didn’t DO anything. Literally. My wife and I shut ourselves up in the house, Howard Hughes-style, and watched movies and tv shows ALL WEEKEND. I know people throw that phrase around a lot, but they still got out of the house to go eat or rent movies or go to the store. I however, am dead serious when I say the only reason I got off the couch was to get something to eat……..and pee. And it was everything I wished it could be.

Sometimes you really need to take a weekend and do nothing. Based on my blog production (or lack thereof) these past few weeks, you can see I got things going on. I’m in the middle of this big project at work so my writing time is scarce, and there are several personal things going on that are also “cloggin’ the noggin”. I needed a weekend to just shut down the gray matter for a few hours and recharge. And we did just that. Wow. This could easily become a lifestyle for me. Three days of wearing the same underwear. Three days of not showering. Three days of not leaving the La-Z-Boy. It’s almost hypnotic. I started growing into the recliner leather. We were becoming one. It was a beautiful thing. I forgot there was a world outside the den. It was like my wife, the cat and I lived in our house and nothing else existed outside. It was beautiful, yet sad, at the same time. If I had actually left the den/kitchen area to go to the garage to retrieve our bucket (never would have happened, but IF), I wouldn’t have even had to get up to go to the bathroom, which boggles the mind right there (why didn’t I think of that?).

So, for the time being I’m back……again. Yes, I said it before, then promptly left again, but again-again, I’m back. Prepare for an article on Wednesday (which I’ve been planning since earlier this year) which happens to be an anniversary for me.

Of what, you ask? Well, I answer, check back on Wednesday to see you cheeky monkey.

Till Wed, I’m OUT.

6 Responses to “Shut-ins: I can see the appeal”

  1. Lol. I had a lazy weekend too. My husband picked up the first season of CSI: Miami and I played sick to get out of a birthday party, a golf thing, and grocery shopping. What can I say? I love my Horatio Caine!

  2. LOL! Well, played, Jen, well played.

    We wound up watching several movies (Children of Men, Music & Lyrics, etc) and several tv shows (Jake 2.0, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels). Maybe a bunch of other things I can’t even begin to remember now.

  3. Your Freakin' Neighbor Says:

    Well, yesterday had all the makings of a great day. The boys and I saw Pirates 3, which ended up completly and utterly rocking, TenaciousD-style! Then I get home and Jen and I get all excited for The Sopranos finale.

    Which totally sucked. Forget what anybody says about David Chase’s vision or artistry or showing the banality of evil. He stood there, in much the same way as Jerry Seinfeld did with his finale, the Wachowski brothers did with Matrix Revolutions and Dino DeLaurentis did with Hannibal Rising, and raised his middle fingers to the fans in a big, “Screw You! I’m gonna do it my way!”

    Then, after that crapfest, I immediately flip to the Spurs-Cavs and the Cavs are down 49-27 in the 2nd freaking quarter.

    I never thought I’d say this, but thank god for Johnny Depp.

  4. Mike, I didn’t watch the finale but I’ve heard those comments. I agree completely on the Seinfeld/Matrix finales which were humongous mis-steps as compared to what came before.

    Glad you liked Pirates 3, though. We loved it too.

  5. I saw Pirates 3 Friday morning. I can see why a lot of people weren’t that impressed and I agree there were some parts that I could have been edited out and it wouldn’t have hurt the story at all.

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