TGIF and being the “WCB”

Happy Friday, everyone. It’s almost 4pm, so it’s almost time for me to blow this piece for the weekend.

A few quick notes to finish off the week:

Water CoolerFor the second time this week I had to change the bottle on the water cooler in the break room. Both times this week I’ve walked in and the bottle is completely empty. I KNOW I’m not the only one in this building drinking water. And even if I was, I’m not drinking two water cooler sized bottles a week. That’s absurd. Does no one else know how to do it or do they not want to bother? WTF?! When did I become the “water cooler bitch” (WCB)? The actual problem is, that I’m going to keep changing it whenever I see it’s empty instead of forcing someone else to do it. But I need my H2O, man!!

MimsMan alive, the radio is playing the crap out of “This Is Why I’m Hot” by rapper Mims. It’s like the radio is playing it so much to beat me into submission and finally start liking it. You know what, the radio wins. I like it. Well, I understand that the song is completely stupid and nonsensical, but I can’t help singing along and enjoying listening to it. It’s also good to work out to. So, there you have it, incessant radio play will actually force me to like a song. I’m so easy.

Have a good weekend everyone, I’ll see you next week with Death by Taurine III, the third in my series of energy drink reviews.



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