Bring On Halloween!

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I have been in a very Halloweeny mood lately (haha…I said weeny!). Part of it started by reading X-Entertainment’s Halloween Countdown. Each weekday leading up to Halloween night Matt reviews fun Halloween items like scary masks, food items and movies. It’s a ton of fun.

Like Matt, I also love when stores start preparing for the Halloween buying season and put out all their goulish wares. The decorations and varieties of Halloween themed candy always make stores look cool. I especially love it when regular food, candy or drinks change things up and start offering Halloween-specific offerings. Cool items from years past include Mountain Dew Pitch Black, the Jones Soda Halloween Collection and Halloween themed Kool-Aid called Ghoul-Aid. Actually, one of X-Entertainment’s favorite things to review are the yearly Halloween offerings of Kid Cuisine microwave meals.

So, needless to say, all of this is putting me in the Halloween mood, and it’s not even October yet. Despite that, I found a cool Halloween drink the other day at my local Winn-Dixie and thought I’d share it with you. Feast your eyes below to the terrifying visage of Tropicana Twisters’ two scary flavors, Green Ghost and Midnight Storm!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Tropicana Twisters are a very flavorful drink, but usually they are a mixture of two or more juice flavors, hence the moniker TWISTERS. For some reason the “suits” decided to eschew the “two juices twisted into one” idea and are presenting these twisters as solitary flavors; Sour Apple and Grape Thunder. If you are thinking of getting these, be prepared, it’s like drinking a truckload of flavored sugar. Very, VERY sweet. The apple and grape flavors are good, but the overall results are like a sugar baseball bat to the tastebuds. The packaging is cool though. And what scary sidedish am I enjoying this afternoon with my creepy sugary juicy liquidy goodness? Why, it’s M&Ms Pumpkin Mix!!!

These M&Ms come in orange and black and have cute little jack-o-lantern (or pumpkin) faces on them. They are also filled with peanut butter, not chocolate.

So now that I’ve made myself sick on apple flavored sugar syrup and peanut butter hard candies, I think I’ll adjourn for the day.

Actually, tomorrow morning my wife and I will be leaving for Tampa to board a cruise ship headed to the Western Caribbean. All next week my ass will be drinking umbrella drinks and hanging out with butt-naked freaks. Don’t worry, I’ll be back, I know you’ll miss me. 😉

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