NBC Cancels Heist


NBC decides to cancel the struggling show after 5 episodes. I wrote a review of Heist’s pilot here. While I was initially put off by the ‘trying to hard to be clever’ dialogue, I gave the show a chance because it showed potential. In the last few episodes I had started warming up to the characters and wanted to see them succeed. You learn why Mickey wants to rob the jewelry stores, James’ troubles at home and you want to see Lola naked…wait, was that out loud?

Anyway, NBC apparently had no confidence in the show because they moved it opposite Lost and American Idol, pretty much killing any chance it had for survival. I am sad to see it go. I did TiVo the show and watched it on Sundays. The show was no Bones or 24, but it kept me coming back. I hope they dump the whole series to DVD and release it because it doesn’t sound like NBC will air anymore episodes at all. Very sad.

In memorium, let’s have one more longing look at Marika Dominczyk who played smokin’ hot Lola on the show:


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