Buy a box of cookes…lose your soul

I am glad the whole Girl Scout cookie ‘sales extravaganza’ is over. Seriously. They were pimping those things out like crack rock. I’d go to the grocery store, there are two adults and their kids asking me to buy cookies. I walk THREE STORES TO THE RIGHT to go to Blockbuster Video and there are two more adults and kids asking me to buy cookies. How many places am I going to be harrassed to buy cookies? They are like the mafia. I felt like if I didn’t buy at least a box some guy named Vinnie was gonna kneecap me. It got so bad I almost started shopping exclusively at adult bookstores just so I wouldn’t see a little girl outside trying to shake me down for some cookies. And I’m not sure how much longer adult bookstores will be safe.

“Hey sailor, looking for a good time? Buy a box of Trefoils and see where the night takes you.”

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