Ecto Cooler Redux

This will be a pop culture entry, not really having anything to do with Technology or Movies.

I was visiting one of my favorite websites, X-Entertainment. On this site, Matt, will review pop culture anomalies and fads from years past. He has some fascinating articles about Kool-Aid, old videos, discontinued snack foods, etc. One day I ran across a great article about a Hi-C flavor called Ecto Cooler (shown left). It was written in 2003. I remember this flavor very fondly. I never had it myself, but I remember kids at school having it. The article contends that Ecto Cooler, after the Ghostbusters fame died, was reborn as a flavor called Shoutin’ Orange Tangergreen (shown right). I searched for months but as far as I could tell the flavor had been discontinued or it may be hard to find in this part of the country but can be seen everywhere else. I just didn’t know.

I didn’t know, that is, until I went to Enterprise, AL on the weekend of Mar 3, 2006 for a good friend’s wedding. In a small grocery called Southern, I found 12 packs of the Shoutin’ Orange Tangergreen juice boxes on the shelves. YAHTZEE!!!!! I bought two and commenced to drinking the liquidy goodness all weekend. Let me just say, that if this is what Ecto Cooler tasted like, I see why it was so popular. So fruity and tasty I’m ready to sacrifice small animals to the juice box Gods in my quest for more. Oh juice box Gods, bless me with more juice boxy love soon.

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3 Responses to “Ecto Cooler Redux”

  1. Another fan of the X-E?!?! Awesome!! I seem to be running into more fans blogs lately. Glad I found yours. 🙂

  2. […] the rebranded Ecto Cooler flavor Shoutin’ Orange Tangergreen and then wrote about it in my Ecto Cooler Redux article.  Surprisingly this flavor stuck around until the early […]

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